A dashboard for Podio users

Sometimes it is awkward to share a screen with thousands of buttons and data that are not relevant. Navigating between apps and displaying the Podio activity wall isn't always the best presentation for a client or team leader.

Chart Grids

Every Podio Citrix user should have a dashboard to know the level of work they do on the platform. Either from an application to know the status of prospects for sale in a CRM type application or to know the status of a deliverable. Podio allows you to design internal processes for any company by generating custom forms for your applications. Although Podio has the functionality to generate reports and graphs, it is not a main function of the platform and this gives Chart Grids the opportunity to present the information in a clear and clean way in a single dashboard.

Chart Grids allows you to generate up to 3 charts in your free plan to generate a dashboard with information from Podio applications. Thus, anyone on the team has the ability to generate their own dashboard without the need for a license. It also has the functions of grouping, filtering and generating aggregation of the information and thus presenting very powerful graphs in a few minutes.

As a team leader, you are likely to require unlimited graphics, for this the Advance Plan is designed, which allows you to generate a control panel with unlimited graphics. Soon the Chart Grids team will launch a Premium plan with the ability to generate multiple dashboards.