$0 past due invoices with ChartGrids and Podio

There are many tools that help to control income, however at Saeko Podio Citrix has been used for 10 years and they knew that they could control income from Podio. With the integration of Globiflow, Podio and ChartGrids you can keep control of your income and subscriptions.

Chart Grids

How do you do it?

Saeko is a school administration system and its model is a business to business with subscriptions. Through 3 applications and 2 views we generate the subscription model.

In the first application, the customer's data is recorded, such as name, email, address and telephone numbers. In the second, the subscription start date, price or amount and the subscription status (Active, Paused, Inactive) are recorded. Finally, the subscription is related to the client. In the subscription application, a view of all active subscriptions is made and an automatic process is created through Globiflow for each beginning of the month, all active subscriptions are consulted and an income is generated for each one of them. In the third application, the income that is automatically created every beginning of the month is registered, registering the client, the amount and the status (pending payment, paid, canceled) and the subscription.

Chart Grids

Thanks to ChartGrids you can generate a dashboard of the income created each month and their status. This helps to have a good idea each month how much to collect, how much has been collected and how much is pending collection. One of the most important things is follow-up. It has been possible to reduce the time to a weekly meeting of 15 minutes with the team to be able to review the graphs made by ChartGrids. Thus, in just 15 minutes, decisions can be made regarding the company's income, concentrating efforts on the income pending collection and the clients who owe that income.

If you want to know more and use the Pack Subscriptions,, you can implement it from the Podio MarketPlace. Once installed you can create your charts from ChartGrids, remember that you can use 3 for free and very easily.