Podio + Looker
Unlocking the Power of Your Data

Install the extension in Looker Studio and transform your Podio data into actionable insights with Looker. Intuitive and customizable dashboards

Chart Grids


Choose an option that's right for you.

1 app - 1 Year - $100

Pay 10 USD for one app connection for a year or

1 apps - 1 Month - $10

Pay 10 USD for 1 app connections for a month
minimun getting 3 apps

In addition to these great prices, you'll receive:

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Connecting Chartgrids with your Podio and Looker

No hassle, in just 5 minutes, you'll be exploring your data in the beautiful and customizable charts that Looker offers. (No technical knowledge required)

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Questions and support

Struggling to build your perfect Podio dashboard? Let us help! We can assist you in bringing your data to life with visually stunning and impactful dashboards.

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